Portland stone steps, posts and coping.

Handmade London clay brick wall. 

Hassocks, Sussex.










Tasked with the job of creating a statement entrance to this impressive Edwardian building, we first assessed the existing design attributes of the property and created a computerised scale model in order to overlay perspective designs to present to the client.

Once an agreed design had been reached the area was excavated to reveal an array of historic plumbing. Actions were taken to modernise and future proof all underground works, as well as the addition of contemporary concealed drainage to complement the finished aesthetic. 





Form work was created to facilitate the concrete underpinnings of the substantial cast Portland steps. 

The precast sections of the ornate stone work were installed and reinforced with concealed services for lightning and communications.

A period style chequered tile pattern was laid around the concealed drainage solution to complete the look of this transformation.   

Bricks were closely matched to create a seamless transition between new and old masonry. 

Final touches...


Coach lamps and accent lighting finish the authentic look of this design and the planting of beech hedging helps the new materials blend seamlessly in with the mature scenery. 

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